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Infinity Ward wants to eliminate major critics



Infinity Ward wants to eliminate major critics

CoD Modern Warfare 2 aka Caller Duty 20 can already be played in beta but will change again before release.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is still being revamped before release. At least the developer studio is explaining Infinity Ward in response to beta feedback. We denounced for example the noise of footsteps too loud, but also the visibility of the red dots on the minimap. Some things should stay the same, but some things shouldn’t.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 beta starts today on all platforms

That’s what it’s about : You may have heard of the niche indie hotspot Call of Duty. Joking aside! The twentieth regular part of the hit franchise will be released in a few weeks and you can try out parts of it starting today. After the beta was only playable on individual platforms, it’s now everyone’s turn.

All information on the different beta phasesthe start and everything else can be found here:

2. Beta starts today - time, preload, rewards and more


CoD Modern Warfare 2:

2. Beta starts today – time, preload, rewards and more

Here’s How Infinity Ward Wants To React To Previous CoD MW2 Beta Feedback

Your word in the ear of God: In an official blog post, CoD development studio Infinity Ward addressed a few words directly to fans. Anyone who has ever played the beta should have developed an opinion on this. For example, some found the footsteps in multiplayer too loud, like my esteemed colleague Chris Werian. You can read below what needs to be changed before the launch of Modern Warfare 2.

This should change: Infinity Ward says they’ve played the game, watched it play, got feedback, and talked to lots of fans. These are the results.

  • Target Tracking: When we’re in a firefight, it can be hard to keep an eye out for enemies. To improve this, for example, muzzle flash should be reduced and smoke made more transparent. Also, enemies should be better distinguished from friends, so there should be some experiments during the next beta weekend.
  • User interface: Issues with handling perk packs or loadouts and armory should be fixed at launch.
  • Advantages: During the beta phase, we will continue to experiment with how quickly perks can be earned. However, Dead Silence should remain a field upgrade and not return as a perk.
  • Minimap Points: Anyone who shoots a gun should not be punished for it. That’s why dots still don’t appear on the minimap at the moment, except for drones.
  • Footprint: The volume of footsteps will be adjusted, and will be adjusted again during the second beta phase. Friends and enemies sound different, the latter are less audible.
  • slides: Deleting so-called slide undo should last. Nevertheless, adjustments are still being made to make the movement smoother and sharper.

look here again Multiplayer Reveal and Warzone 2 on:

CoD Modern Warfare 2 - Trailer Reveals Multiplayer and Warzone 2


CoD Modern Warfare 2 – Trailer Reveals Multiplayer and Warzone 2

In addition to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, a new offshoot for iOS and Android will also appear. It’s called Call of Duty Warzone Mobile and brings back the venerable Verdansk map from the first Warzone. Meanwhile, Warzone 2.0 sends us to the desert – to the new Al Mazrah map.

How do you like the beta version? What would you change before launch, what do you expect?

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