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Mac app brings notifications to menu bar



Mac app brings notifications to menu bar

If you have a Mac and have hidden your docking station, I might have a tip for you. This year, I, too, switched to auto-hiding the dock. For all those years before that, I had had it visible, and it ended up taking up screen space. However, only a few apps offer the option to notify about new messages and notifications in the menu bar. The open source software Doll jumps into the breach.

In the, you can store which apps show up in the menu bar when they receive a notification. In the best of cases, nothing is overlooked. New emails or messages in iMessage? Can you show yourself? And to save space, it’s best to set it to show an app icon only when unread notifications arrive.

Doll leverages the macOS Accessibility API and syncs the latest badge text to the menu bar of each monitored app in the Dock item. Due to accessibility API limitation (can’t pay attention to attribute value change of an element), Doll has to sync badges every second.

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