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MagentaMobil Prepaid: promotion brings additional data volume



New MagentaZuhause rate with MagentaTV MegaStream

Telekom equips its prepaid tariffs with a greater volume of data for specific campaigns. New customers receive an additional 3 GB per month for one year, or rather: within a four-week billing period). According to the company, the campaign applies to anyone who decides to purchase a new MagentaMobil Prepaid M, L, XL or MagentaMobil Prepaid 5G annual rate between September 27 and November 8. Existing customers also get the extra 3GB if they upgrade to a higher rate.

What else? There is double data volume for one year in the 5G annual plan. For a one-time package of 99.95 euros, new customers receive 72 GB instead of the previous 36 GB. This is the equivalent of 6 GB per month for 8.30 EUR. MagentaMobil prepaid tariffs with a duration of four weeks also receive an additional 3 GB for one year. This increases the amount of data included in 13 billing periods. All promotional rates in detail:

MagentaMobil Prepaid M: 6 GB (3 GB + 3 GB) for 9.95 EUR (28 days)
MagentaMobil Prepaid L: 8 GB (5 GB + 3 GB) for 14.95 EUR (28 days)
MagentaMobil Prepaid XL: 10 GB (7 GB + 3 GB) for 24.95 EUR (28 days)
MagentaMobil prepaid 5G annual plan: 72 GB (36 GB + 36 GB) for 99.95 EUR (1 year)

Prepaid rates with promotional benefits are from September 27 to November 8 bookable.

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