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Meta must pay Voxer more than $174.5 million in damages



Meta and Qualcomm team up for the Metaverse

Meta must now pay the developer of the well-known “Walkie Talkie” app, Voxer, $174,530,785 in damages because, according to the competent court in Texas, two streaming patents are infringed, both Facebook Live and Instagram Live hurt Voxer. According to the documentary, Facebook approached Voxer management in 2011 to offer a partnership, prompting Voxer to disclose its patents sometime later during negotiations. In the end, however, there was no cooperation, Facebook later revoked Voxer’s access to some important components of the platform, then released Facebook Live and Instagram Live in 2015 and 2016, probably based on technologies evident in the patents. The amount of liquidated damages shall be paid in the form of ongoing monthly license fees. Meta plans to appeal, based on the evidence presented at trial.

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