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New functions are about to be launched



New functions are about to be launched

Google is preparing new features for its TWS headphones, the Pixel Buds Pro. The 9to5Google colleagues dug behind the scenes and discovered hints of a 5-band equalizer and improved volume control.

Features are not yet enabled. Instead, function references can be found in the latest Pixel Buds app, version 1.0.474476083. You can then use the extended EQ to regulate the “Low Bass”, “Bass”, “Mid”, “Treble” and “Upper Treble” zones. However, this should not be done using the typical horizontal slider, but using the vertical controls. There are also seven presets to choose from: Balanced, Clarity, Default, Heavy Bass, Last Recorded, Light Bass, and Vocal Boost.

Additionally, there would be an extended volume control, which should allow you to create different volumes for the left and right ear. Since the app apparently already prepares the functions in the background, it shouldn’t be long before Google officially activates them for its Pixel Buds Pro.

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