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New titles and additional streaming resolutions for PC and Mac



New titles and additional streaming resolutions for PC and Mac

With G Cloud, Logitech introduced a new handheld yesterday. It measures 7 inches (touchscreen, 1080p) and supports GeForce Now, among others. As usual, there’s weekly news and new game additions for Nvidia’s game streaming service.

The GeForce Now wallet contains almost 1400 games. This week brings 8 new titles to the GeForce Now program. In the program, however, this only means that you can stream them through the service. You can buy and own the games through Steam or the Epic Games Store, for example. The following titles can now be streamed through GeForce Now:

It also announces that it has a new GeForce Now app for PC and Mac. It brings additional resolutions for streaming. RTX 3080 members can now stream 16:10 4K screens at up to 60 FPS – great for MacBook users, for example.

For November, Portal with RTX is also on the horizon as free DLC for Portal players, along with A Plague Tale: Requiem and Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.

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