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Sony hopes for independent developers and releases new video



The first impression is already positive

Sony not only unveiled a new PlayStation VR2 promotional video that highlights the features of the VR glasses, but also hinted at the games we can expect to see. We can hear that Sony is hoping for a lot of indie titles to come out for the PS VR2.

Shuhei Yoshida, who heads the independent developer initiative at Sony, said that it will certainly be mainly independent developers who take risks and ensure innovative projects. They are the ones waiting for “the next VR boom”. At the same time, the PlayStation official also refers to big titles like “Horizon: Call of the Mountain” and the VR version of “Resident Evil Village”.

Yoshida admits that the virtual reality market is currently small. However, with its Quest templates, Meta has opened many people’s eyes and sparked their interest. Sony could also benefit from it. Personally, I’m less optimistic: when the first PlayStation VR came out, VR was still on everyone’s lips and was touted as the next big thing, while virtual reality is now widely accepted as a niche. Considering that the first PS VR was only able to sell around 5 million of the PlayStation 4’s sales of around 117 million, I don’t really see better prospects for the successor model.

This is doubly true in times of high inflation, when many people cut spending and the PlayStation 5 also experiences supply shortages. Especially since the new PlayStation VR2 will not be backwards compatible with the first generation or corresponding games, which could have prompted many existing customers to upgrade.

I’m sure Sony will present us with some great hardware – the specs are impressive. However, I still believe that PS VR2 will only reach a niche audience again, which will then also lead to core game developers holding back and mostly mini-games and compact “experiences” appearing for the VR headset. Nevertheless, I hope that I will be instructed better.

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