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Survival Evolved” for free



Epic Games: DOOM 64 available for free

Epic Games releases at least one free game every Thursday. This week, there are two more titles that you can add to your media library. The first game is the turn-based role-playing game Gloomhaven. If you look at Steam, you should invest almost 35 euros in it.

Whether you are drawn to Gloomhaven for the adventures or drawn to the glow of gold in the dark, your fate will surely be the same…

The second title is a little older and only saves you a little over 5 euros. Still, it’s certainly worth having ARK: Survival Evolved in the media library for either.

You are stranded on the shore of a mysterious island and you must learn to survive. Use your skills to kill or tame the primitive creatures that roam the land and find other players to survive, dominate… and escape!

If it’s not for you, come back next week.

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