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The start date in Germany is not yet clear



The start date in Germany is not yet clear

Yesterday the “Logitech G CLOUD” handheld was officially presented, we were able to share it in advance and give you all the details. Logitech’s new Android-based hardware should stream your games from the cloud – from Steam Link, Nvidia GeForce Now or from Xbox Cloud Gaming. The handy console costs $300 to pre-order, from October when it launches regularly it should cost $350 then.

Personally, I’m curious to see how the device will be received by customers and I can imagine there’s stiff competition, at least for your own four walls, since you can also tap into cloud services with tablets and play with a controller. By the way, those interested in Germany will have to be patient. I’ve been asking around a bit and at the moment it’s not entirely clear when the Logitech G CLOUD will be released in Germany. The price is also unknown, which is likely to stabilize above the dollar price.

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