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This exercise boosts metabolism and fat burning for hours while sitting – healing practice



Soleus exercise may improve health in sedentary people

Targeted muscle stimulation soleus Where soleus muscle is mentioned, according to a recent study, stimulates the Glucose and fat burning solid in a seated position. In this way he can metabolism be accelerated for hours. For sedentary people, soleus training could lead to major health improvements.

researchers of University of Houston present an unusual approach in the context of an ongoing study, in which Sit the metabolic health of the rest of the body can be improved by stimulating a single muscle. The research results were recently published in the journal “iScience” present.

Where is the soleus muscle located?

Of the Soleus muscle belongs to the skeletal muscles of the lower legs. It is one of 600 muscles in the human body and accounts for only one percent of body weight. It is one of the back leg muscles and extends from just below the knee to the heel.

For the metabolism the soleus is of crucial importance, as current research points out. According to the study, the right activation can also make a major contribution to improving posture when sitting entire metabolism perform in the rest of the body.

“Soleus Pushup” – a game changer for people who often sit?

Mark Hamilton is a professor of health and human performance at the University of Houston. Together with his working group, he discovered an approach with which the soleus muscle can be trained in a seated position optimally activated maybe, so the metabolism over time is effectively boosted. The exercise believed to be able to do this is what the team calls the “Soleus push up“.

The team’s research suggests that performing the “Soleus Pushup” correctly results in long-term increased oxidative metabolism driven, causing the regulation of blood sugar levels and the fat burning is improved.

According to the researchers, the effect is stronger than all common methodswhich are recommended for sedentary people, including exercise, weight loss and dieting.

What is oxidative metabolism

Of the oxidative metabolism is a process in which oxygen is used to burn metabolic products such as blood sugar or fat. This process is partly related to the energy needs of the muscles when they are activated.

Untapped potential

“We would never have imagined that this muscle had this kind of capacity”reports Hamilton. “It’s always been in our body, but no one has studied how to use it to optimize our health, until now!”

“When properly activated, the soleus muscle can stimulate local oxidative metabolism to high levels for hours, not just minutes, using a different fuel mixture.”enthusiastically confirms the director of studies.

Musculus soleus uses other energy providers

Using muscle biopsies, the team was able to show that, unlike most other muscles, soleus uses very little blood sugar and fat for fuel. Instead, it can cover energy needs with other resources.

“The fact that the soleus is less dependent on glycogen than usual helps it effortlessly work for hours with this type of muscle activity without getting tired because there is a definite limit to muscle endurance caused by glycogen fatigue”explains the teacher.

“As far as we know, this is the first concerted attempt to develop a specific type of contractile activity aimed at optimizing human metabolic processes”Hamilton points out.

Improve blood sugar rash, insulin requirements and fat burning

In test subjects who performed the “Soleus Pushup” under supervision, the team was able to document that the 52% spike in blood sugar improved and the Insulin requirements dropped by 60%. The effect lasted three hours far to. otherwise doubled lipid metabolism causing a reduction in blood fat levels.

Origin of the “Soleus pushup”

The exercise is based on years of research on human muscle function. Usually the soleus muscle becomes Support Where Walking activated. The team found a method that also builds muscle in a seated position can be activated to a greater extent than when walking. Moreover, arise few signs of fatigue through exercise.

How to do the “Soleus Pushup”?

The scientists involved explain Performing the “Soleus Pushup” as following:

  1. In a seated position, both feet are flat on the floor, the muscles are relaxed.
  2. The heel is raised while the front of the foot remains on the ground.
  3. When the heel reaches the peak of the range of motion without lifting the front foot off the ground, the muscle relaxes and the foot passively returns to its starting position.

The opposite of walking

According to Hamilton, the exercise is like mimicking walking while seated. Strictly speaking, however, the “soleus pushup” is exactly that. opposite of walking. As the body receives the signal from the walking motion to minimize energy consumption, the exercise generates a signal that tells the body as much energy as possible consume.

Not as easy as it looks

“Soleus pumps look easy from the outside, but sometimes what we see with the naked eye isn’t the whole story”, points out Hamilton. The movement is very specific and requires some experience in execution in order to maximize the health benefits.

Not a fitness tip, but a research breakthrough

The professor clarifies that the method discovered is not about a new fitness trick or a “Trend of the month” is about one sophisticated and efficient physiological movementthe the unique properties of soleus makes usable.

In future research, the team wants to address the question of how people can most easily learn this method without the use of fancy lab equipment and experienced professionals. (vb)

Author and source information

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Graduate editor (FH) Volker Blasek


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