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Tile releases lost and found tags



Tile releases lost and found tags

The Tile company has long offered these small trackers, which you can attach to your belongings and thus find them at any time or report them as lost. So far, however, the devices are by no means the cheapest alternative, especially if their battery cannot be replaced and you have to change to a completely new device at the end of the battery life. . But the company now has a solution for this, at least in the United States, which can be implemented on at least many objects: QR code stickers.

These are available in packs of three with 3x 5 QR stickers for just under US$15. ‘article. Of course, this will not help you much in case of theft. The advantage: you don’t need a battery and the stickers even have to withstand dishwasher cycles, and they are also scratch resistant. Both iOS and Android users can scan the stickers as no special app is required. The product page still doesn’t exist in this country, so I can’t say when the stickers will be available for local users as well.

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