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A turntable for the Sonos system



A turntable for the Sonos system

Certainly niche – but the turntable called “Victrola Stream Carbon” should not go unnoticed. It costs $800 but carries the “Works with Sonos” label. According to the manufacturer made of high quality materials Manufactured Victrola Stream Carbon impresses with its slim and modern design, which is an eye-catcher in any environment.

The Victrola Stream Carbon is equipped with a carbon fiber tonearm, an aluminum headshell and an “Ortofon 2M Red” pickup and should impress with both sound and aesthetics. Even Dieter Rams is making eyes.

The Victrola Stream app allows for easy setup and wirelessly connects the Victrola Stream Carbon to a Sonos system in seconds. Once set up, the turntable fully integrates with the Sonos app, and the illuminated control knob provides tactile, centralized volume control for the entire Sonos system and existing playback groups.

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