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Apple Watch Ultra: A support document explains the new depth gauge



watchOS 9.0.1 released for Apple Watch Ultra

With the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple introduced a new smartwatch that boasts the usual Apple Watch performance, but is specially designed for athletes, explorers, divers and anyone who thinks current models are not an appropriate response to their needs. The Ultra also has a few new features in its bag, including the new depth gauge.

This tells you how deep you are underwater, you can find out about water temperature, time underwater and maximum depth. The depth gauge can also activate automatically as soon as you dive. A support document now explains exactly how it works.

For example, the water lock is automatically activated as soon as you open the app and there you will also find further instructions on how to use it and instructions:

Underwater activities are risky. The Depth app is not a dive computer and does not provide information on decompression stops, gas analysis, or other recreational diving features. If using Apple Watch Ultra where device failure could result in death, personal injury, or serious environmental damage, always use a secondary depth gauge and timer/watch. Before diving, make sure your Apple Watch Ultra is free from cracks or other damage.

If you ordered the Apple Watch and are diving, then take a look at the document.

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