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Change for registration from 2023



Change for registration from 2023

Google took over Fitbit and of course it’s not without changes. For example, in the future, it will be necessary to use a Google account to log in to Fitbit. This account is required to manage devices and services, for example.

The plan is to allow Fitbit to be used with a Google Account sometime in 2023. Google Accounts on Fitbit will provide a number of benefits to Fitbit users, including single sign-on for Fitbit and other Google services, industry-leading account security (self-described by the company), centralized privacy controls for Fitbit user data, and more Google on Fitbit features. In accordance with Google’s binding commitments, Google will not use Fitbit health and wellness data for Google Ads.

If customers wish to switch from their Fitbit Account to their Google Account after the launch of Google Accounts with Fitbit, they will need to consent to the transfer of their Fitbit user data from Fitbit to Google. Once the transfer is complete, he signs in to Fitbit with his Google account, and no longer with your Fitbit account.

Google will then make Fitbit available to you subject to Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and Fitbit’s Binding Commitments. Already use a Google Account to sign in to Fitbit? So you’re out of benefits now, you’ll have to put it all together in 2023. If you’re interested, I checked out the Fitbit FAQ.

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