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dynamicSpot: dynamic island for Android



dynamicSpot: dynamic island for Android

We have already featured developer “jawomo” apps here in the blog in the past. Among other things, its Android apps allow assigning the Bixby button on Samsung smartphones, and it also offers aodNotify, where notifications then appear on the always-on screen of a supported Android.

Its new app is called dynamicSpot and it is supposed to replicate the “Dynamic Island” of the new Apple iPhone 14 (Pro/Pro Max) on Android smartphones. dynamicSpot provides users with the mini multitasking functionality of Dynamic Island, which makes it easy to access recent notifications or phone events. iPhone’s Dynamic Island is not customizable, but dynamicSpot is. Users can change interaction settings, choose when the popup should be shown or hidden – or which apps should be shown.

Since dynamicSpot uses the Android notification system, it is compatible with almost all apps, such as B. Message notifications, timer apps, and even music apps. The app is currently in public beta for early access and will continue to be optimized. Animations may not be super smooth and not all apps are compatible. Basically, the app is free, but there are premium features built into the app. You can try it if you are interested. Read so far? OK, so here are some promo codes for the premium version:


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