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Fiber optic network planned for Erfurt



This is what fiber optics looks like in Germany

Photo by Lars Kienle on Unsplash

The state capital of Erfurt has taken a step into the digital future: Mayor Andreas Bausewein has signed a cooperation agreement with the German fiber optic company, thus creating a prerequisite for the possible expansion of fiber optical. The document states that DeutscheOSS wants to expand a fiber optic network with private investment funds in a total of 16 districts – these include: Dittelstedt, Azmannsdorf, Büßleben, Hochstedt, Kerspleben, Linderbach, Niedernissa, Urbich, Vieselbach, Töttleben , Windischholzhausen, Gispersleben, Schwerborn, Stotternheim, Kühnhausen and Mittelhausen.

At the same time, a competitor (“Deutsche GigaNetz”) plans to extend a fiber optic network to other parts of the city. You may know from other cities: Deutsche fiber optics will carry out a so-called “demand aggregation” (pre-registration) in participating districts from October 29, 2022 to January 28, 2023. During the campaign period, the citizens who live in the planned expansion areas can opt for a contract with German fiber optics.

If the contract rate in the respective expansion area reaches at least 33%, nothing stands in the way of the expansion. For citizens who sign a contract, the extension of their connection is free.

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