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GTA 6 possible map: mega leak lets fans rebuild Vice City



GTA 6 possible map: mega leak lets fans rebuild Vice City

GTA 6 is likely playing Vice City again, and fans are using the leaks to get a feel for the map.

The GTA 6 leak has the world in suspense. (Future) fans are now using the leaked videos to create a map of Vice City. However, they can’t share screenshots of the videos, so they’re getting creative. With the help of Google Earth, a lot of math and self-painted pictures, a big puzzle is gradually created.

GTA 6 – First map drafts after leak

That’s what it’s about : In one of the biggest leaks in gaming history, around 90 gameplay videos for GTA 6 have been leaked. They show an unfinished project and were of course not intended for the public at all. You can read more about the leak and its contents in this GamePro article:

GTA 6 Big Leak Reveals Vice City's First Mysteries and Activities


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GTA 6 Big Leak Reveals Vice City’s First Mysteries and Activities

Rockstar is taking action against the leak. The whole thing is a disaster for the development studio, which is why they naturally want to keep the material from spreading further. As a result, as GamePro, we don’t post anything about it, nor are fans allowed to share screenshots or videos. Otherwise, they will be warned or even prosecuted.

But that doesn’t stop himcomb through the videos to create a map of the game world based on them. It worked impressively with GTA 5 based on the first trailer, but of course the situation is different now.

Instead of official trailers, there are only illegal videos that cannot be used or discussed openly. So the fans help each other, for example, in the GTA forums with partly rudimentary methods. For example, leak scenes are simply drawn using MS Paint to exchange information.

Others simply go directly to private Discord servers to monitor leaks behind closed doors. However, techniques such as triangulation are also used together to stitch locations together. Minimap images from the leak or people who know the real Miami (Vice City’s model) also help (via: Kotaku).

The previous result might already give us a pretty good idea of ​​what the Vice City map in GTA 6 might look like and how big it might be:

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But beware: Of course, you shouldn’t take this project at face value just yet. This is a highly unofficial, self-made fan map, based on leaks showing an unfinished game. GTA 6 may also look completely different or even choose a completely different location than what was seen in the leak.

Read more about GTA 6 and the leak:

As fans try to piece together the map, the leak has caused different reactions from some fans. They got mad at the supposedly bad graphics. This in turn has encouraged many developers to release material from earlier versions of their games themselves. Very exciting!

What do you think of the effort to create a GTA 6 map?

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