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Here’s what you can do if the challenge isn’t submitted



Here's what you can do if the challenge isn't submitted

FIFA 23 fans are angry even before the release: SBCs probably aren’t working as they should.

FIFA 23 is coming soon and as of yesterday fans can already use the web app or companion app to prepare. For example, it is possible to participate in so-called Squad Building Challenges (SBC). But challenges often can’t be sent in the first place, which causes frustration and can be a bug. You can read here what you can do.

FIFA 23: Web App/Companion App does not seem to work as expected

That’s what it’s about : FIFA 23 casts a long shadow ahead and as of yesterday the in-browser web app and companion app on iOS and Android are live. There’s a lot to do in there, like team building challenges. However, their new chemistry system is causing a stir.

There was also frustration with the launch of the apps yesterday, but they should now be available and up-to-date on all platforms. Here’s everything you can do in the FIFA 23 app:

The FIFA 23 companion app on Android and iOS as well as the web app are live


All info

The FIFA 23 companion app on Android and iOS as well as the web app are live

Here’s what you can do if the challenge isn’t submitted

The New Chemistry System seems to cause problems for many players. Some find it illogical and unintuitive, others report a bug that does not allow them to submit team building challenges.

  • You have to place the players in the right place! A ZDM card on a ZM position will not work.
    • Therefore, check very carefully if the composition of your team really meets the requirements in terms of team chemistry.
    • Otherwise, swap that player with another that folds (sell the cards you don’t need and bid on the ones you need).
    • Repeat the process if it still doesn’t work.

Is it really a bug? It is possible that some players are not facing an issue due to the new chemistry system, but actually a FIFA 23 SBC bug. Then there might be an upcoming update or patch that will fix the problem, or you can try the following.

  • Restart your app! The classic could also help in this case. It may be stuck somewhere in the app. It is not always stable and without problems, especially in the first days. Restart it completely and see if the problem persists.

Check out this one here fifa 23 latest trailer on:

FIFA 23 trailer features Ted Lasso crossover


FIFA 23 trailer features Ted Lasso crossover

Learn more about FIFA 23 Is there … here:

Anger about rewards: Another annoyance for many FIFA 23 app users is that the rewards for SBCs (if they can be sent) are apparently all “untradable”, i.e. “untradable”, that is i.e. they cannot be exchanged. This means you need to find another way to get coins. Trading worthless players for rewards in SBCs no longer seems to work.

Are you also having issues with FIFA 23 app and SBC submission? What helped you?

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