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New job ad suggests story changes



New job ad suggests story changes

Sam Fisher, as always ready and determined to find the darkest corners of the level.

Last year we received the good news that Ubisoft Toronto was working on a remake of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. A new job posting from the development studio, which is already responsible for Splinter Cell: Blacklist, now reveals that the game’s 20-year-old story is also up for review.

Old game, new story?

As Ubisoft Toronto announces in its job posting, the studio is looking for a new screenwriter. He or she will help them “rewrite and update history for modern audiences”. The rewrite could theoretically mean drastic changes, but fear not, they probably won’t go that far after all. They want to keep the spirit and themes of the 2002 original. However, players still have to wait and see how much these changes will actually kick in.

In this test video you can reminisce about the original Splinter Cell:

Splinter Cell - GamePro Stealth Action Game Review


Splinter Cell – GamePro Stealth Action Game Review

Stealth action redefined

As early as December 2021, part of the development team commented on the remake in an interview and said they wanted to stay true to the series itself, but in their opinion, one or the other thing just had to be adapted to today’s gaming audience. . As with the original, their motto is “Stealth Action Redefined”, according to producer Matt West.

Of course, the planned innovations mainly include graphic and design elements, but the basic principles will always be respected and no open world will be installed. According to creative director Chris Auty, the heart of Splinter Cell is and always will be stealth gameplay.

Here you can follow the path to the remake announcement again:

The complete remake of the classic, built from the ground up, will be based on Ubisoft’s in-house Snowdrop engine, which is also the basis for The Division plays, Avatar – Frontiers of Pandora, and the new Star Wars game currently in development at Ubisoft. . Massive situated.

No release information yet.

As the game is still in a very early stage of development, there is no information on a possible release date or what platforms the remake will appear on. You’ll probably have to wait a bit before you can sneak into houses with Sam Fisher again.

What do you think of the innovations announced?

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