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Stardew Valley: Marry Sebastian – All information about freebies, events and more



Stardew Valley: Marry Sebastian - All information about freebies, events and more

Hearts fly to Sebastian in Stardew Valley, he is one of the most popular marriage candidates.

If you want, you can get married in Stardew Valley. Sebastian, for example, is questioned as a potential partner. If you’ve chosen him and now want to know what gifts he likes and how to start heart events, you’ve come to the right place in this GamePro wedding guide with Sebastian.


Who is Sebastian?

Sebastian lives in his mother Robin’s house with his stepfather Demetrius and half-sister Maru. The building is the only residential building in the mountains of Stardew Valley. In it, Sebastian lives in the basement, which he doesn’t particularly like despite his penchant for the dark.

Pretty much what was once called an emo, Sebastian is interested in philosophy, deals with death, and feels disadvantaged compared to his half-sister Maru. A good friend to Sam and Abigail, he enjoys playing tabletop RPGs, working on his motorcycle, and working as a freelance video game programmer. being The anniversary is the 10th winter.

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Gifts: How to Maximize Your Friendship Rank

How gifts work: In general, you can give two gifts per person per week, but only one per day. Preferences differ greatly from each other, and you can make people very happy if you give them a birthday present (it has an eightfold effect on friendship rank).

Sebastian loves these gifts:

Sebastian warms up to all the universally loved gifts, bar none. It means you with Pearl, Golden Pumpkin, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, or Magic Candy can’t be wrong. He also particularly likes:

Last name The source craft ingredients
frozen tear Collect in the mine
obsidian In the geode mine Magma Geode, Omni Geode
pumpkin soup cooking in the kitchen pumpkin, milk
sashimi To cook Fish
shadow egg shadow chicken

Sebastian likes these gifts:

Anything universally popular resonates with Sebastian, except flowers, full breakfasts, farmhouse meals, omelettes, and also artisan products that aren’t green tea, coffee, or oil. So you can use it with various Minerals, fruits, gems and vegetables make happy. He likes too :

Last name The source
quartz Collect in the mine
wade fishing

Sebastian doesn’t like these gifts:

Apart from poppies, Sebastian loves everything no flowers. Otherwise, he likes Obsidian and Void Egg, but shares the rest of the general dislikes with the other residents, such as Building materials, fences, fertilizers, geodes, seeds And so on.

Last name The source
chanterelle Gathering in the fall
common mushroom Gathering in the fall
daffodil Gathering in the spring
dandelion Gathering in the spring
Hazelnut Gathering in the fall
Ginger Gathering on Ginger Island
salmonberry Gathering in the spring
holly Gathering in winter
Leek Gathering in the spring
Magma Shack Gathering in the Volcano Dungeon
morel Gathering in the spring
purple mushroom Gathering in the mine
snow sweet potato Gathering in winter
wild horseradish Gathering in the spring
winter root Gathering in winter

Sebastian hates these gifts:

Anything normally hated by everyone, Sebastian also dislikes (well Bait, crafting tools, junk, monster loot, artifacts, lighting And so on). With the exception of Nether Eggs, he also doesn’t like eggs, and Sebastian doesn’t do well with most crafts except for green tea, coffee, or oil.

Last name The source craft ingredients
Clay Rally with the hoe
Omelette To cook egg, milk
farmer meal To cook Omelet, parsnip
full breakfast To cook Fried egg, milk, hash browns, pancakes

Stardew Valley - Trailer: The indie hit is available on mobile for iOS and Android


Stardew Valley – Trailer: The indie hit is available on mobile for iOS and Android

Sebastian’s Questions: These Answers Improve Friendship

Sebastian can ask you two questions over time, each giving you four possible answers. You can see how the answers work here:

“*yawn*…I was up until 3am reading this new book…Do you read books?”

  • Yes, the classics. (-30 friendship.)
  • Only SciFi and Fantasy. (+30 friendship.)
  • I like a good romance. (No impact.)
  • No, I don’t read books. (-30 friendship.)

“*sigh*… If gas weren’t so expensive, I’d be riding a motorcycle into town today.” What do you do when you’re not working?”

  • More agricultural work. (No impact.)
  • read comic books. (+30 friendship.)
  • Purchases. (-30 friendship.)
  • Sports. (-30 friendship.)

Movies and snacks: what Sebastian likes to watch and eat at the cinema

Stardew Valley gets in the endgame also a cinema and you can arrange a date there. However, you have to be careful what you watch and what snacks you get.

What stripes Sebastian likes and those that are not, we list them here:

  • Sebastian likes:
    • mystery
    • Howling in the rain
  • Sebastian likes:
    • Voyage of the Prairie King: The Movie
    • Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World
    • wumbus
  • Sebastian doesn’t like:
    • Zuzu City Express
    • The brave little tree
    • The Miracle at Coldstar Ranch

Here’s what it looks like with snacks:

  • Sebastian likes:
    • jasmine tea
    • Star sorbet
  • Sebastian doesn’t like:
    • Cappuccino mousse cake
    • Joja-Cola
    • JojaMaize
    • cabbage smoothie
    • Panzanella Salad
    • black licorice
  • Sebastian loves everything else.

You can find some great relationship tips for Stardew Valley partnerships here:

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‘Just give her a good salad’: These relationship tips are shared by Stardew Valley fans

Heart Events: This is how you start events with Sebastian

By friendship rank various events are unlocked. With them, you have the chance to get to know your crush better and to do things together.

  • 2 hearts: Enter Sebastian’s room when he is there.
  • 4 hearts: Head for the mountains between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • 6 hearts: Visit Sebastian in his room when he is home.
  • 8 hearts: Go to the beach between 12 p.m. and 11 p.m. on a rainy day.
  • 10 hearts: Meet in the mountainous region between 8 p.m. and midnight.

Marriage: This brings you Sebastian as a spouse

Like always: You can’t get married right away, Sebastian has to become your boyfriend first. For this you need a friendship rank of eight hearts and you need to give him a bouquet of flowers from Pierre’s shop.

If you have upgraded your farm at least once and increased the friendship rank with Sebastian to ten hearts, you can buy a mermaid amulet from the old sailor on a rainy day on the beach. Sébastien gave it to her to marry him a few days later.

This is what you get: Once Sebastian has moved into your farm, you will occasionally receive random gifts from him. It can be the following things:

  • Coffee
  • amethyst
  • frozen tear
  • obsidian
  • shadow essence
  • bat wings

Also, Sebastian will help you sometimes working on the farm. At least if you continue to make him happy – for example by continuing to give him gifts (which now works daily and no longer only twice a week).

  • To pay: All crops on the farm are watered except in winter.
  • Feed the animals: All animals are fed.
  • To fill dog or cat bowl.
  • Repair broken fences

Of course, you don’t have to use all of this information to ultimately marry Sebastian. Of course, you can also just have a very close friendship with him and maintain it with these tips.

Who is your favorite character in Stardew Valley? Who have you married before and who would you like to marry?

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