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This Zelda alternative from Google sends you to the world of the Mayans



This Zelda alternative from Google sends you to the world of the Mayans

Google offers you a game supposed to remind you of a simplified Zelda.

Google now has a nice top-down Zelda alternative for you that you can play right in your browser for free. It sends you to historic Mexico, specifically to the mysterious world of ancient Mayan culture. We tell you more about The Descent of the Serpent.

Zeldalike in the Mayan world

Everything revolves around this: The adventure begins in the museum, where a talking statue asks you to help out in the Mayan world. Specifically, you must bring back a lost artifact stolen by a powerful god in time. Otherwise, there is a risk of catastrophic flooding. Before you travel through time, you must choose the appropriate disguise, which means you become a cuddly warrior of a wolf, dog, jaguar or owl, all of which have evocative Mayan names.

These are the disguises you can choose from.

These are the disguises you can choose from.

Next, head to the historic town of Chichen Itza, of which only ruins remain today on the Mexican peninsula of Yucatán. There you will meet Quetz, a bird with a fancy hairstyle, who will tell you more about the world and your task.

This video gives you an impression of the game:

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Here are some other Zelda themes:

In this game, developed by the arts and culture team at Google with the help of the National Museum of Anthropology of Mexico, not only will you have an adventure, but you will also learn about the cultures of Mesoamerica. You can find more information on the subject on the linked website. There are also Arts and Culture apps from Google for iOS and Android that you can use to play the game as well.

Besides: The game could not only be interesting for you, but also looks like a nice title for kids.

How do you like the game? Are you going to watch it – maybe with the family?

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