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TikTok is rolling out a ‘dislike’ button for comments



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It’s been a long time: In April 2022, I blogged on short-video platform TikTok testing a dislike button for comments. Even then, it was a bit confusing, because only the person who forgives aversion can see aversion. Thus, no dislike number was and is not displayed, as was the case with YouTube before. Now is the time and TikTok is handing out the comment dislike button to everyone.

If you accidentally give a dislike in the form of a thumbs down, you can undo it again. TikTok hopes the dislike button will make it easier to uncover irrelevant or hurtful comments and perhaps also make it easier to filter and block hate speech.

It’s a shame that TikTok, like YouTube now, doesn’t display a dislike number. Of course, users could abuse it in the past to reject unwanted opinions. Most of the time, however, one could quickly recognize absolute nonsense.

Well, at least there’s a dislike button for comments – but not for videos and it’s probably not planned for TikTok either.

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