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USB: simplified logos for performance information



USB4 Version 2.0: New USB version presented

Originally designed to connect peripherals to desktop computers, USB is now found in tens of billions of devices worldwide. It’s one of the most common features found on everything from consumer electronics to cars, airplane seats and smart homes. However, the connection also has its pitfalls, which we have repeatedly pointed out in recent years.

Confusing standards and logos are not uncommon. Efforts are obviously being made to clarify everything. The USB Implementers Forum maintainer has now cleaned up their docs a bit and removed the annoying marks in the logos.



USB-C cable

The performance, USB charger and USB Type-C cable logos have now been separated, which tells the customer at first glance what it is supposed to do. You can find an overview above this paragraph. Not higher, faster, further – just speed and watts.

This will of course help customers in their subsequent selection, and it is to be hoped that online retailers will be able to limit counterfeits and poorly certified cables.

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