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Valve revises statistics in Steam



Valve revises statistics in Steam

Valve announces in a blog post that it has found a new home for real-time stats within its Steam gaming solution. You can now find all important charting information on a new page, replacing the previous page for Steam and game stats. The new area gives you an overview of the current stats of top sellers, including the following values:

  • Number of weeks in top seller lists

    : It is now specified how many weeks a game has already been in the best seller lists.

  • Weekly Placement Changes

    : The new overview also shows how many places a game has gone up or down (if the ranking has changed) from the previous week.

  • Regional announcements

    : For some of the most active countries on Steam, we generate country-specific Top Sellers lists by default to reflect regional differences for the benefit of customers. By default, you will see statistics for your country, if available. However, you can always switch to worldview or another country if you’re curious.

  • total sales

    : These stats show how well the games are currently selling, including all editions of the game (Standard, Deluxe, etc.), add-on content, and in-game transactions. A single top-selling add-on item will have its own entry in the bestselling lists, so you can see when a new game add-on is popular.

You can also find the most played games, the statistics of the current week and the novelties of the month. This is certainly very interesting and also useful if you want to get some suggestions from other people.

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