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The update to Android 12 is in the starting blocks



The update to Android 12 is in the starting blocks

Google’s Chromecast with Google TV launched in its 4K variant in 2020. A cheaper HD model was added to the portfolio this week. 9To5Google colleagues took the opportunity to ask Google about future updates. Car: The HD model ships directly with Android 12.

Google wasn’t exactly specific, so they didn’t give a specific timeline. But it was still announced that the Chromecast with Google TV (4K) will receive a corresponding update to Android 12 in “the not too distant future”. Google hasn’t tried very hard in the last two years and hasn’t released too many updates – often just patches and bug fixes.

Unlike Nvidia with the Shield TV, which still provides updates for devices from 2015 onwards. Google suspects issues due to the 8GB storage limit. not so long ago that new versions of Google TV should receive improvements in storage space management.

With Android 12 on Google TV, you can expect a 4K UI. In addition to the camera and microphone privacy screens, Google has made some rather minor optimizations in the update.

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