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Brown rice contains carbohydrates, valuable proteins and vitamin B – Heilpraxis



Rice is ideal as a filling source of energy

rice is one of the most important foods, especially in many parts of Asia. In this country too, cereals often end up on the table. Rice is good for filling, among other things energy supplier on. and Brown rice scores with many complexes carbohydratesvaluable protein and vitamin B.

Rice has long been one of the classic grain varieties. It is versatile and delicious. Due to the carbohydrates it contains, it is ideal as a filling source of energy. The Bremen Consumer Advice Center explains in a current issue why bulk rice should always be washed Message.

enrichment of food culture

as staple food rice enriches the food culture of people in South and East Asia, but is also a coveted item on the dinner plate in Europe. According to reports, 90% of the rice grown in the world is consumed in Asia. There are also cultivation areas in Europe.

In Germany, the popularity of spelledwhich comes in many forms such as “fragrant rice”, “risotto rice”, “glutinous rice” or “long grain rice”.

the by per capita consumption was 6.7 kilograms in Germany in the years 2020/21, according to statistics portal Statista.

“Rice goes very well with meat or fish dishes, but it can also be served as a protagonist convincing in terms of taste in curry or risotto”explains Jasmin Scholz, nutrition expert at the consumer center in Bremen.

proteins, minerals and vitamins

Depending on the type of processing, rice is divided into brown rice and white rice, explains the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE) on its website. Brown rice is therefore cleaned and sorted brown rice. Other names are whole grain or brown rice.

Brown rice is always surrounded by the shell of the fruit and the seed, the so-called silver skin, and is therefore relatively rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. “On average, brown or cooked brown rice has about 27 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams”explains Jasmin Scholz.

This variety keeps you full longer than white rice (white rice) and shines at the same time with higher levels of protein, minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin B1. This is due to the existing fruit and seed shellwhich has been removed from white rice during further processing.

Wash well before cooking

Rice and rice products, such as rice cakes, rice porridge or rice snacks, can be included arsenic be overwhelmed. This semi-metal accumulates in the plant via the roots. Arsenic can cause cancer, strain the cardiovascular system, and damage blood vessels and nerves.

Therefore, carbohydrate sources such as potatoes, pasta or buckwheat should be chosen in addition to rice in everyday life. “If you choose rice, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment recommends grain wash well and boil with plenty of water so that the arsenic can be poured over the boiling water”explains Jasmin Scholz.

Also the infant and children’s nutrition is to vary. Not all meals have to be rice products. If you like to eat rice waffles often, you can, for example, switch to corn waffles.

Wild rice is not “real rice”

Even though wild rice (Zizania aquatica L.), also known as water rice, may visually resemble a type of rice, but botanically, like wheat or rye, it is a sweet grass.

“The grey-green beans obtain their brown-black color as well as the intense nutty flavor thanks to gentle drying at 80 degrees. Aromasaid Jasmine Scholz.

Despite modern farming methods, wild rice is relatively Dear and is therefore often offered mixed with white rice. (ad)

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