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Alternative Instagram client for iOS and Android



Alternative Instagram client for iOS and Android

First things first: The report here is about an app that promises you a much nicer Instagram feel, ad-free, with an additional adjustable feed. However, you should always keep in mind that these apps require login using your official Instagram credentials and you need to be confident enough to enter them into a third-party client.

But other than that, “The OG App” or simply OG is quite an ambitious project from “Un1feed”, which has now been featured by TheVerge. This is an app that mostly removes suggestions and advertising from the feed and thus enables pure scrolling of the feed. Additionally, users can create their own feeds based on their own interests and share them with others. If you prefer an alternative stream to your own home stream, you can choose the alternative to start from now. In addition to this, there is a feature that allows you to pause the feed update for 24 hours. Can be considered a kind of “personal brake” that does not always encourage you to seek new content.

There are currently no plans for “OG” to be subject to fees or monetized in any way. This would definitely detract from the real purpose of the app. The only question is whether Meta will not prematurely stop the project by adapting the API, as happened with the reduction of third-party clients for Twitter.

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