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Extremely detailed ax inspires fans



Extremely detailed ax inspires fans

The Last of Us Part 1 is packed with detail – not just in terms of the faces and their animations.

The Last of Us Part 1 gives the venerable PS3 title a proper makeover. This means, among other things, that the PS5 remake contains tons of cool new details that weren’t seen in the original release. Like the crumbling of an ax and you can tell by the ax itself.

The Last of Us Part 1: This ax also seems about to break

What does it talk about? The Last of Us Part 1 comes from development studio Naughty Dog and they are known for their attention to detail. In the PS5 remake of their hit classic, of course, they also don’t get splashed and incorporate countless subtleties that fans only gradually discover. Like this one for example:

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As fans now chat excitedly on Reddit, an ax in The Last of Us Part 1 can even be seen about to smash. Here in the photo you can clearly see that the handle will soon break. He even lost small parts and has a decent spread.

By the way, there are more such details en masse in the game:

How realistic is that? With all the attention to detail, many Tha Last of Us players are now wondering if such an ax can actually break so quickly. Most fans agree: not really, these things are built to last and shouldn’t break after about 10 hits against soft materials. The same goes for lead pliers, of course.

On the other hand, the axes have probably been lying around somewhere outside for a little while and not being properly cleaned and maintained, but that’s it. What matters is the dedication to incorporating those details in the first place.

The first trailer for the HBO series has arrived

The Last of Us - The real first trailer for the series is out


The Last of Us – The real first trailer for the series is out

The first trailer for the HBO series adaptation of The Last of Us looks really promising. Apparently, the film adaptation is really close to the games. In the meantime, it has even been decided where you can see The Last of Us series next year in Germany.

What do you think of such details? And what do you think of axes that break so quickly in the first place?

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