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Wiki Richard Giannotti; Bio, Career, Wife, Married, Dating, Kids



Wiki Richard Giannotti;  Bio, Career, Wife, Married, Dating, Kids

Richard Giannotti is a retired baseball player, best known as the ex-husband of American media personality, Joy Taylor.

Rather than becoming popular as a baseball player, Richard rose to fame through his marriage to the anchor. But the couple are no longer together now and the two have evolved simultaneously in their respective lives.

Giannotti was only married to Taylor for about a year. But, the couple dated for a few years before getting married. During the short period of their relationship, the couple had a son.

How old is Richard Giannotti?

Richard Giannotti was born on August 9, 1983. In 2022, the famous baseball player turns 37. Likewise, his hometown is Fort Lauderdale, Florida, located in the United States.

Basically, Richard is of American nationality. He was pushed to pursue a career in sports from an early age. To achieve his goal, he participated in school sports and became known as a good baseball player during school days.

He was considered an excellent baseball player at the University of Miami.

His parents

Susan and Richard J. Giannotti are her parents. Sadly, Richard’s father passed away when he was very young. The baseball player’s father was an FBI agent. Richard grew up alongside his sister-in-law, Leslie Rennie.

The baseball player constantly thanks his mother for her support throughout his life.

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His education

Richard completed his high school education at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. This is where he started his baseball career. He excelled in sports to the point of earning a spot on an athletic scholarship to the University of Miami.

Additionally, he continued his baseball career at the University of Miami, where he was named the all-state best outfielder. He graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

He notably started playing high school baseball at St Thomas High School. Additionally, he received an athletic scholarship from the prestigious University of Miami for his outstanding performance and contribution to the school.

Source: Instagram: @_giannitti

Early life

Richard was fond of athletics and other sports exercises as a child. So to speak, he started his sports career as a baseball player and used his degree as much as his talent. Richard has a business administration in finance and a general degree and began working as a financial advisor for athletes at some point in his career.

As stated earlier, Giannotti is no longer a player. Prior to that, he was able to play for up to nine years for various baseball teams including the Miami Hurricanes, Anaheim Angels, Los Angeles Angels, and others.

He played for the Anaheim Angels after being selected in the MLB draft in 2004, for the Los Angeles Angels in January 2005 and for the Miami Hurricanes in 2012. He was an ideal defender during his time with the Hurricanes from Miami.

Richard Giannotti played for several teams

Giannotti began his professional baseball career in 2004. He signed with the Anaheim Angels (now the Los Angeles Angels) and spent a year with the team. He then spent another year with the Cedar Rapids Kernels.

In 2006, he moved from the Cedar Rapids Kernels to the Reno Silver Sox, then to the Swing of the Quad Cities, later renamed the Quad Cities River Bandits. He then joined Nashua Pride in 2007 before retiring in 2008.

The baseball player signed with the Maryland Blue Crabs in 2009 and stayed for four years before leaving in 2012.

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Richard Giannotti is also a businessman

The baseball player previously co-owned a clothing line. Richard is a shareholder of Bubucheek Clothing, a clothing store he has managed for over six years, as well as President, Financial Advisor and Owner of Athlete Asset Management at Global Wealth Management.

He is now President of the Athlete Asset Management division of Global Wealth Management, where he helps athletes manage their finances and preserve their wealth. He also contributes to Kiplinger with articles on finances and wealth management for athletes.

Richard Giannotti and his wife
Source: Instagram: @_giannitti

Richard Giannotti rose to fame thanks to his ex-wife

Richard didn’t get much fame as a baseball player. Rather, he came into the limelight after marrying popular radio and TV personality Joy Taylor. He also acts as a financial advisor for the athletes.

Joy Taylor is a news anchor for The Herd radio and television show with Colin Cowherd. Taylor has also hosted the Facebook Live The Hang show and her podcast Maybe I’m Crazy.

Richard Giannotti and Joy Taylor were only married for a year

Giannotti married Joy Taylor in 2016, but the marriage ended in 2017.

Notably, the now ex-lovers first met at a conference in 2014 and started dating in 2014. Joy proposed to Richard a year after they first met and they got married on February 13, 2016. In 2016, the couple gave birth to a son. named Beau.

Richard Giannotti and Joy Taylor are no longer together

Joy Taylor and Richard Giannotti got engaged in 2015. Joy’s celebrity status brought the couple to public attention. In 2016, the couple got married. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last long and they divorced in 2017.

Joy is currently unattached and living a happy, single life. However, she dated Earl Watson, a retired NBA player and coach shortly after her divorce. The couple got engaged in 2018, but separated in 2019.

Richard, on the other hand, is married at the moment and has openly shared his relationship status. He is married to a beautiful woman named Kristen Simigran.

Richard Giannotti with his family
Source: Instagram: @_giannitti

Reason behind their divorce

Although the former couple did not reveal the exact reason for their separation, we believe it is due to the long distance. Taylor had to move to Los Angeles after 3 years at 790 AM The Ticket in Miami. It could have made their relationship obsolete.

Richard Giannotti married Kristen Simigran after his divorce from Joy Taylor

Kristen Simigran is Richard’s current wife. The couple married on July 28, 2020. Shortly after their wedding, they had their second son, Banks Domenico Giannotti.

As of now, the family of four are currently living happily together.

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Richard Giannotti is the father of two children

Richard is the father of two wonderful boys, Beau Giannotti and Banks Domenico Giannotti. He is very close to his family and seems to mostly spend time with his beloved wife and adorable sons.

Overall, as audiences, we can see Richard as a wonderful partner to his beautiful wife Kristen and an incredible father to Beau and Banks respectively.

Net worth of Richard Giannotti

Giannotti’s net worth is not known exactly at the moment. However, reports claim that his net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

Moreover, in view of his flourishing professional life, he must have amassed a substantial fortune as a baseball player and through his work in the financial sector.

Moreover, we can see that Richard is quite a wealthy person and lives a luxurious life with his loving family.

It is therefore the famous player and financial advisor Richard Giannotti. I hope you liked it.

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