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Samsung launches One UI 5 open beta for the Galaxy S22



Samsung launches One UI 5 open beta for the Galaxy S22

Samsung is sending its new interface, One UI 5, for the Galaxy S22 in open beta. First, this preview starts in the United States, South Korea, and also in Germany. In the months to come, we would like to embark other regions.

What does OneUI 5 include? Well, there are advanced customization options for users – 16 color presets based on wallpaper and 12 additional color options for home screens, icons and quick panels. Multiple widgets of the same size can now also be stacked, which can save space. You can also more easily adjust general notification settings, for example to block notifications from individual apps.

Additionally, it becomes easier to configure sound and vibration and change language settings separately for individual apps if desired. There are also optimizations for the camera app – such as new icons for Pro and Pro Video modes. The zoom bar should also react faster now.

One UI 5 also includes a new security dashboard that flags security issues. Improved accessibility options are also included – for example, the magnifying glass should allow for even better readability. Keyboard inputs can now be read aloud alongside typing.

Samsung’s One UI 5 is of course based on Android 13, so basically all the advantages of the new version of the operating system are included.

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