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Blood sugar, blood lipids and blood pressure: why fiber is so important

Experts repeatedly complain that there are too few people in this country fiber to eat. Dietary fiber may help reduce the risk of various diseases How? ‘Or’ What Diabetes, obesity Where high blood pressure reduce.

The name seems misleading: dietary fiber is anything but “bulk”. Dietary fiber not only ensures smooth digestion and a healthy intestinal flora, but can also help prevent various diseases. In order for fiber to be able to fully develop its positive effects, it is particularly important to drink enough, explains the South Tyrolean Consumer Center in a current issue. Message.

Diets high in fiber reduce risk of death

Fiber promotes chewing, increases the feeling of satiety, stabilizes blood sugar and prevents constipation. The best conditions for functional digestion. In addition, dietary fiber has other positive properties in the body.

A high intake of total dietary fiber may reduce the risk of severe overweight (obesity), high blood pressure and coronary heart disease (CHD), according to the Austrian Public Health Portal”“.

Also a regulation of blood sugar and blood lipid levels and a reduced risk of colorectal cancer and type 2 diabetes mellitus has been associated with high dietary fiber intake.

Additionally, a high-fiber diet not only lowers the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease or cancer, but also lowers the risk of death overall.

This is confirmed by meta-analyses of observational studies, reports the German Nutrition Society. V (CEO).

Plant-based foods

Dietary fiber is found in its natural form almost exclusively in plant foods and mushrooms. The main suppliers are whole grain cereal products, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Pet foods contain little or no fiber.

Depending on their chemical structure, different dietary fibers can have different amounts the water bind together, which is why they are divided into fiber (soluble in water) and insoluble (in water).

Soluble fibers such as pectin and inulin, which are mainly found in vegetables and fruits, can multiply in the digestive tract own weight store in water and bind other substances to themselves.

In the large intestine, they are partially broken down by intestinal bacteria and thus support a healthy intestinal flora. Bacterial breakdown products protect the cells of the intestinal mucosa, which presumably reduces the risk of colon cancer, writes the consumer center of South Tyrol.

In addition, soluble fibers have a positive influence on the blood cholesterol level.

stimulate digestion

Insoluble fibers such as cellulose and lignin are mainly found in cereals and legumes. They make food chew longer and they increase it satietybecause they already increase the volume of chyme in the stomach.

These dietary fibers promote digestion by stimulating bowel movements and accelerating intestinal transit. And they cause blood sugar levels to rise more slowly after eating.

Insoluble dietary fiber is made up only to a small extent by intestinal bacteria broken down and mainly excreted in the feces.

At least 30 grams per day

“In order for dietary fiber to develop its effects, you have to drink enough of it”explains Silke Raffeiner, nutrition expert at the South Tyrolean Consumer Centre. “A diet high in fiber in combination with a diet that is too poor fluid intake can cause gastrointestinal problems.

Although fiber is not considered essential, it is there landmarks for their supply. The DGE recommends a daily intake of at least 30 grams for adults. However, surveys show that around 70% of the population does not reach this value.

If you eat plenty of vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and fruits, and regularly eat small amounts of nuts and seeds, you should have no trouble. sufficient absorb dietary fiber. (ad)

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