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How to Prevent Food Cravings

Some prefer chocolate, cakes or cookies, while others prefer chips, pretzel sticks and the like: cravings sweet, salty or greasy does not make it easy ballast hold or reduce. But with some Things these food cravings are easy avoid.

Sweet, salty, fatty: cravings for unhealthy foods are widespread. If you give in to it (too often), you’ll quickly notice how the extra pounds pile on. Preventing food cravings can therefore help to avoid or even reduce obesity. Among other things, it is important to keep the blood sugar level constant. The Schleswig-Holstein Consumer Advice Center states this in a Message some tips.

Why Food Cravings Occur

Cravings come when the blood sugar levels becomes unbalanced and sinks quickly. The brain then needs energy, gives the alert and awakens a powerful appetite. There are also other triggers for voracious appetite attacks – for example the hormones that often cause women to have sweets and high fat snacks shortly before their period.

And that too reward center can stimulate rapid hunger in the brain. This happens especially often with lack of sleep, stress or boredom.

“Anyone who is aware of this context can avoid or specifically combat ravenous hunger attacks. Because when chocolate is eaten, it comes soon after regretexplains Saskia Vetter, ecotrophologist at the Schleswig-Holstein Consumer Centre.

Avoid cravings with healthy snacks

Behind cravings often hide unfavorable cravings eating habits. Such attacks can easily be avoided with the right foods.

Whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables help maintain blood sugar levels for a long time balance maintain and thus avoid binge eating.

Sweets, cookies or cakes, on the other hand, cause blood sugar to rise quickly and sharply, then drop just as quickly – the result is the next ravenous hunger pang. Small meal portionssmall plates and plenty of time to eat are other tips for conscious enjoyment and better filling.

Dietitian Anna Taylor walked into a contribution The famous Cleveland Clinic (USA) has another recommendation to avoid voracious hunger attacks: avoid skipping meals or waiting too long between meals at all costs. “It leads to a great hunger that makes you crave anything sweet or savory you can get your hands on”explains the expert.

This makes it easier to identify fatty foods

As the Schleswig-Holstein consumer advice center further explains, Finished products often too much sugar, salt or hidden fats – even if they seem wholesome and wholesome at first glance. Typical examples include muesli, fruit bars, wholemeal biscuits, fruit yoghurts or vegetable crisps.

Of the Nutri Score is designed to make shopping for healthy convenience products easier. With a colored scale ranging from dark green A to dark red E, this label indicates whether the proportion of beneficial ingredients predominates.

This way, nutrition conscious people should be able to better compare ready meals without the tiny printouts. ingredient lists have to read. The label being voluntary, it is not found on all products. (ad)

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