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Jimmy BX7 Pro in the test: dust mite vacuum cleaner with extensive functions



Jimmy BX7 Pro in the test: dust mite vacuum cleaner with extensive functions

I had already tested the Jimmy JV35 here on the blog in May: an anti-mite vacuum cleaner which is above all intended to vacuum mattresses and other upholstered furniture. But it is only secondarily to remove the dirt, first of all the device must get rid of dust mites. The Jimmy BX7 Pro, which is a class above, so to speak, also follows this concept. In the test, I look at whether this model is worth the extra charge.

The BX7 Pro has a significant advantage over the JV35: a sensor is designed to detect if you still need to vacuum at any given time to remove mites and dust. If the small signal LED lights up red, it indicates: empty. If the light is blue, you can turn to another location. Additionally, the manufacturer behind the Jimmy brand, KingClean Electric Co. Ltd., advertises emitted ultrasound, which allegedly treats dust mites in addition to UV light. Otherwise, this model comes with the following technical data.

Jimmy BX7 Pro Key Technical Data

  • Dust mite handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Temperature: heats up to 60°C
  • Volume 78dBA
  • Dust bin capacity: 0.5 L
  • Suction power: 16,000 pa
  • Motor power: 700 watts
  • Power of the UV lamp: 6 watts
  • Features: Three Modes, Corded Operation, Smart Sensor, Ultrasonic
  • Cable length: 5m
  • Weight: 2.7kg
  • Dimensions:? 33 x 24.5 x 41.2cm
  • Price: about 150 euros

The actual suction power of 16,000pa is also slightly higher for the BX7 Pro than the JV35, which has 14,000pa. The test sample was made available to me by Geekmaxi, where the Jimmy BX7 Pro is currently available with the code “HENQHNDQ” for 134.99 euros.

equipment and treatment

The Jimmy pacifiers I’ve tried so far have always been very well made. So I see the brand among Chinese vacuum cleaner suppliers in the foreground. This also applies to the BX7 Pro, which I have in the color gray, but is also available in “light blue”, which looks more like turquoise. As with the JV35, the accompanying manual is more fun than helpful. Apparently it was automatically translated from Chinese.

The UV light has again been designed to turn off as soon as the suction cup is more than 5 cm above an object and the inclination is less than 30°. In addition, however, ultrasound would be emitted in this case, for which at least there are recesses on the underside. It’s hard to test if it actually works as stated. During suction, hot air must be emitted from below, which is heated up to 60°.

With the Jimmy BX7 Pro, the handle looks a little more neutral this time, as the chrome look is no longer used, which looks cheap, but black. As with the sister model, you can remove the closed dust container at the push of a button and then empty it separately. So you don’t have to carry the whole pacifier in the trash. However, I strongly recommend only emptying the dust bin outside in the trash, as there is always dust when you shake it.

Incidentally, the delivery also includes a spare filter – as well as a small tool for cleaning the brush. If you disassemble the dust container, you can wash the individual components with lukewarm water – also known from the JV35. Incidentally, the roller area is slightly larger on the BX7 Pro, allowing you to clean larger parts of the mattress or upholstered furniture more easily. In addition, the power cable is detachable and therefore replaceable.

The Jimmy BX7 Pro in practical test

The manufacturer KingClean Electric Co. Ltd. advertises the Jimmy BX7 Pro with the fact that it kills not only dust mites but also 99.99% when cleaning. You can only use the dust mite vacuum cleaner with a cable. The combination of UV light, hot air, ultrasound and 16,000pa of suction power would probably push every battery to its limits. It is advertised that the vacuum also pulls dust mites up to 20 cm deep out of the mattress. Here I would like to point out: My mattress is e.g. B. with 25 cm thick. If you also use a rather bulky mattress, you should vacuum both sides. It’s not a bad idea anyway, as the hot air from the vacuum cleaner can dry out the mattress through and through. So it can also prevent mold from transpiring.

The manufacturer wants the effectiveness of BX7 Pro against dust mites to be certified with a seal from the British Allergy Foundation. I myself don’t have any tools to perform mite load measurements for you here, so I have to report subjectively. I’m a bit sensitive to house dust, but luckily I’m not allergic to dust mites. Like the JV35, the BX7 Pro removed a lot of gray-white dust from my mattress, mattress pad, and couch. I always kept the three functions of the vacuum active, the UV light, the tapping with the brush and the suction active.

Now the question is: can you only get a placebo effect here or is the Jimmy BX7 Pro really doing something? Well, if you regularly vacuum your mattress with the BX7 Pro, you will indeed notice a difference in the smell. No, my mattress doesn’t smell bad, but regular cleaning and heating makes it much cleaner. However, I want to point out that the BX7 Pro is a little louder than the JV35. Both models also require some force to exert pressure with the vacuum cleaner and “scrub” the mattress.


Well, how do you objectively rate the Jimmy BX7 Pro? Do you trust the British Allergy Foundation certification, your own feelings, or are you skeptical? Isn’t it enough to iron the mattress with a universal vacuum cleaner? Well, the BX7 Pro can definitely do more by heating the mattress with hot air and visibly sucking up more dust. What the mites say about it, I cannot prove with measurements. It is relatively difficult to decide whether the dust mite vacuum cleaner is worth its current price of 134.99 euros (via the code “HENQHNDQ”).

I can at least say that I am satisfied with the results of the BX7 Pro and that I enjoyed cleaning my mattress regularly with it. The latter is certainly also the key word: Because vacuuming once in a while is not enough. If you want to notice an effect, you should go to work every few days. So I think allergy sufferers might want to take a look at the Jimmy BX7 Pro.

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