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Bright headphones against dark void in the purse



Bright headphones against dark void in the purse

With the Collector’s Edition of the remake, you’ll soon be able to walk around like Isaac yourself.

Dead Space Remake’s release date is getting closer and closer. It is therefore not surprising that a collector’s edition has also appeared. It comes with some pretty cool features, but you should start putting some money aside.

The headphones light up!

The aforementioned Collector’s Edition for the remake of the classic game recently appeared on the Limited Run Games website. There you can pre-order them for the current console generation and the PC, there are no price differences.

But first the contents of the box. The absolute highlight is Isaac Clarke’s life-size helmet. It has working lights built into it, and you can even carry it around yourself if you ever get stuck on a creepy spaceship.

Besides the fancy helmet, all three versions include the following:

  • The Collector’s Box in which everything is packed
  • The physical game for the respective platform
  • A Book of Steel Dead Space
  • The original game soundtrack on CD
  • A lithograph
  • A sheet-stamped lithographic folio
  • Four mini posters
  • An Ishimura patch
  • A landmark pin
  • A statue of marker about 10 cm high in metal

Here is a preview of the Collectors Edition.

Here is a preview of the collector’s edition.

Important It’s also worth mentioning that the website only lists English as an available language and every order is final, ie it cannot be cancelled. Additionally, the website states that the Collector’s Edition will be released after the game is released, but the included game will be shipped individually beforehand so you can play immediately upon release.

An expensive pleasure

In fact, the protagonist’s helmet is almost convincing enough if it weren’t for the price. On the website the whole thing costs $274.99 regardless of platform, so currently also around 275 euros.

The catch is that shipping to Germany costs an additional 97 euros and an additional 70 euros in taxes are calculated at checkout. So overall you would be pretty much 442 euroswith secure shipping even at just over 450 euros.

Also in Germany? Unfortunately, it is not yet known whether the collector’s edition will soon be available in Germany to save all these additional costs. At the moment, only the standard versions can be found, each in physical or digital form.

As a little decision-making aid, you can rewatch the remake’s first gameplay trailer here:

Dead Space Remake - The first gameplay trailer finally gives the floor to Isaac Clarke


Dead Space Remake – The first gameplay trailer finally gives the floor to Isaac Clarke

There’s still time to save

If the price hasn’t scared you off yet, you still have some time to put some money aside for the edition, because the Dead Space remake will release on January 27, 2023 for Xbox Series S/X, Playstation 5 and PC. The website doesn’t give an explicit date for the Collector’s Edition, but it will definitely appear a bit later, although it’s probably already in production.

Do you like the collector’s edition? Do you plan to get them or can you survive the vastness of space without them?

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