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Google Assistant Driving Mode successor loses Google Maps integration



Google Assistant Driving Mode successor loses Google Maps integration

In 2019, Google announced “Google Assistant Driving Mode”, which would become the new standard interface for smartphones in vehicles. A year later it went into distribution – although users still had access to the classic “Android Auto” in Android for a very long time.

Now Google has figured out that you can remove access to Google Maps, or the driving screen at the top in Driving View, from the Google Assistant Driving View. It looks like a mistake or an incomprehensible decision – but that’s how it is for now.

The beta version already reminds the fact internally and asks the user to use classic Google Maps, since the driving screen (see marked area in the screenshot) will be removed at the end of November. Claim: Most of them use Google Maps directly when browsing on their smartphone, not the “Google Assistant driving mode”.

What good is the Driving View if you don’t see any navigation information in it? Android Auto should have stayed on smartphones instead of Google halfheartedly offering yet another replacement product.

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