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Google Pixel: sales figures are mixed



Google Pixel: sales figures are mixed

Figures from IDC Market Research say guess Google only sold 27.6 million Pixel smartphones. Attention, since 2016, since the beginning of the series. Relationship: Samsung has sold its mass of models tenfold in 2021. Other manufacturers may have already pulled the launch cord given these sales figures.

Not Google, because as an Android vendor you might have to have something up your sleeve, because it’s not just the US market that has changed. Chinese vendors aren’t doing so well there and vendors like HTC and LG have already, more or less, ditched the smartphone spoon. Even Sony is hardly worth mentioning.

Despite the bad numbers, we talk about the Pixel because we expect a lot from Google year after year. It remains to be hoped that the difficulties that arise with almost every new device will continue to be quickly resolved – and that sales figures will increase at some point. That would be a big number, especially for the Android smartphone market.

Google achieved success with the Pixel 6, it is currently Google’s record-breaking smartphone. You can build on that. Maybe also from 6.10. with the Pixel 7.

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