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Instagram wants to show more ads



Meta will pay a fine of 405 million euros

Instagram describes it well: in a recent blog post, they explain how they want to support small and medium-sized businesses. Behind this, however, is mostly the intent behind many marketing claims to stuff the app with more advertising. The social network now also wants to display advertising in profile feeds and the exploration grid.

It’s also a reaction to lower revenue in the second quarter of 2022. Meta wants to offer some creators a share of ad revenue from ads in the profile feed. However, augmented reality ads are also planned in the feed and in the stories. As an example of the areas of application, the company cites the advertisement of a furniture store that could offer potential customers to place AR furniture in the room.

New advertising experiments after the reels are also planned. These are spots that appear after short videos and should last between 4 and 10 seconds. Ads should be skippable and after them the respective reel would start again. Carousel ads, which should be displayed below the reels, are also in the testing phase.

Whether you only experience a wider spread of ads on Instagram or actually see more ads should differ individually. At least you’ll spot ads in new places in the app.

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