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Launched Xiaomi smart pet feeder, smart pet water fountain and smart blender



Launched Xiaomi smart pet feeder, smart pet water fountain and smart blender

Xiaomi has introduced new smart home products: two are aimed at people with pets: the Smart Pet Food Feeder and the Smart Pet Water Fountain. So, if you travel, the equipment can temporarily provide food and water to your animal roommates.

If we stick with the mentioned Pet Food Feeder for now, then the device with dimensions of 311 x 180 x 387 mm and weight of 3 kg can store around 1.8 kg of dry food inside. The Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder includes a structure with six grids for food distribution, a silicone stirrer and measuring spoons. According to the manufacturer, they ensure smooth dosing thanks to a wide shaft that prevents blockages. The Xiaomi Home app can be used to dispense food remotely or to set fixed times and quantities for automatic feeding. The charger sends reminders when supplies are low.

Prices and availability in Germany

The Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder is now available at with an RRP of 129.99 euros
and commercially available.

According to Xiaomi, the smart pet water fountain simulates natural water by
a water cycle is created to provide running water enriched with oxygen. Four-stage filtration traps particles, hair, and residual chlorine, including Ca and Mg ions that can cause kidney stones. You can also connect this fountain to Xiaomi Home. You will then receive notifications when the water needs to be refilled, the fountain needs to be cleaned or the filter needs to be replaced. The fountain measures 191 x 191 x 177 mm, weighs 3 kg and holds 2 litres.

Prices and availability in Germany

The Xiaomi Smart Pet Water Fountain is now available at and in-store at the suggested retail price of 79.99 euros.

With the Xiaomi Smart Blender, Xiaomi presents a household product with a rotary knob and an integrated OLED display as well as two additional touch buttons. A total of nine working speeds are available, which can be used for chopping, pureeing and blending foods from liquid to hard consistency with eight multi-angle serrated stainless steel blades. With its built-in heating function, the Xiaomi Smart Blender can prepare hot drinks and soups up to 1.2 l and cold drinks up to 1.6 l in one go. Networking with the Xiaomi Home app is also possible here. Recipes are available in the app.

Prices and availability in Germany

The Xiaomi Smart Blender is now available at the recommended retail price of 139.99 euros at and im
commercially available.

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