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Overwatch 2 is now free to play on PC and consoles



Overwatch 2 is now free to play on PC and consoles

The game “Overwatch 2” can now be downloaded and played for free for PC and consoles (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch). Blizzard’s title, like “Fortnite,” is funded through microtransactions. The developers promise regular, seasonal updates not just for the next few months, but for years to come.

They should bring new heroes, maps, game modes, or cosmetic extras to keep “Overwatch 2” interesting in the long run. Players can now log in and play as Kiriko, the newly revealed support hero, or the upcoming tank hero Junker Queen and damage hero Sojourn. Three new women will thus complete the playable roster, which now has 35 heroes.

Also starting today, updated looks for all heroes, numerous overhauls to hero abilities, a new five-on-five multiplayer format, six new maps, the new Boost game mode, a new ping, a revamped ranked mode and much more – all with overhauled graphics and audio engines. In addition, the game will receive more than 40,000 new spells.

Of course, you also want to earn money with the Premium Battle Pass, which, among other benefits, gives immediate access to new heroes. It costs 1,000 Overwatch coins per season (equivalent to 10 euros) and unlocks in-game skins and other content. Players can earn Overwatch Coins each season through in-game challenges without investing any money themselves. Registered Overwatch Coins can be used to purchase the Premium Battle Pass or other goodies in the store.

Launching with Season 1, Overwatch 2 includes cyberpunk-themed items for the free and premium Battle Pass: skins, emotes, victory poses, highlight intros, player icons, weapon charms, sprays, spells and more Again. The Season 1 Battle Pass Premium includes the first Mythic skin for Genji – a new customizable skin tier. Season 2 will introduce a new, never-before-seen tank hero and map for Overwatch 2. A new season will begin every nine weeks.

Incidentally, the PvE mode is still under development and should be available in the coming year. Exact release plans will be announced at a later date.

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