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PowerToys 0.63 released



PowerToys 0.62 brings text extraction tool

The collection of popular tools “PowerToys” for Windows is updated quite regularly. Version 0.63 is now out and above all promises more stability, but also all kinds of improvements under the hood. There are no really great new features this time around, but mostly there are a lot of bug fixes. It also fixed a bug that caused File Explorer to crash under certain conditions when accessing the context menu.

What are PowerToys really?

Microsoft PowerToys are a trick when it comes to getting a bunch of useful tools on the Windows operating system. Features include:

  • FancyZones: allows you to customize the zones in which the screen is divided when several programs are open
  • PowerRename: context menu extension to rename multiple files in one step
  • PowerToys Run: Quick launch of frequently used programs
  • ColorPicker: Determines the color code of a pixel on the screen
  • Shortcut guide: displays a list of shortcut keys while holding down the Windows key
  • File Explorer Add-ons: Show previews of Markdown and SVG files in Windows Explorer
  • Image Resizer: context menu extension to enlarge and reduce images
  • Keyboard manager: define keyboard shortcuts

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