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Someone Taught a Ball Python to Play Pokémon GO – Yes, Really!



Someone Taught a Ball Python to Play Pokémon GO - Yes, Really!

Once the snakes start playing Snake or Snake Pass, they are destined to take over the world.

Snakes are full of surprises, especially when it comes to hunting animals. Some of them can be seen in wildlife documentaries, such as giant bulging half-digested animals, others are entirely new, at least to us. Like this ball python here, for example. Apparently, she can even play Pokémon GO on her owner’s smartphone. Okay, with a few caveats, but hey, she’s really trying hard and that’s what matters.

Have you ever seen a snake playing?

Probably not! But don’t worry, we’re here to make sure you don’t miss a thing. It means: Here we show you a video in which you can watch a snake playing Pokémon GO. She throws the Poké Ball like she’s never done anything else.

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Of course, it’s not all working so well yet. The Wadribie just doesn’t want to be caught and the snake doesn’t get the most out of it by spinning the ball. But after all, practice makes perfect and, as we know, none of them fell from the sky. Apparently none of them came down either…

But there is already competition: For example, here you can see another much smaller snake playing Pokémon GO. Depending on who owns it, it is also likely to be more successful in their business. Apparently, she was already able to catch a Formeo. Maybe the two snakes should team up. The noodle looks downright proud:

Is it a ball python? And now we come to the interactive part of this GamePro article. Granted, we’re not 100% sure that the snake in the first video is actually a ball python. Even if a person writes that in the comments and the animal looks like him. However, we are no snake experts and learned a lot today: Ball pythons seem to have a thing for mobile games. They are also very popular pet snakes.

Are we going too far with this claim, or are there any reptile fans among you who can confirm that this is a ball python? Can your pets also play video games?

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