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Streamer ends the GTA 5 story as a “pacifist”.



Streamer ends the GTA 5 story as a "pacifist".

In streamer DarkViperAU’s read, Michael & Co rarely have a gun in their hands.

It took 1227 days to complete GTA 5. Well, you can usually get by in around 30 hours, but not when playing as Matthew Judge. The streamer, known as DarkViverAU, has made it his mission to play through the open world game as a pacifist. Although he couldn’t do without kills entirely, he still achieved impressive results.

Being a pacifist takes a lot of time

On May 25, 2019, the Australian starts his project, which he probably did not expect to occupy him for so long. The latest of a total of 27 videos was only released last weekend, in which he shows how he plays through the game with as few casualties as possible.

Here is the last video of his series:

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He collected over 1000 hours of material in these videos and probably also holds the record for the longest game time for GTA 5 history. firearms and the rest with stealth weapons.

His tactic was to let NPCs do the shooting and come up with clever methods and strategies to leave opponents in the dust. It is also notable that the streamer did not use any mods or cheats.

You can read more about the Grand Theft Auto series here:

The videos are pretty entertaining too, with the game’s usual slapstick comedy look plus some added effects and commentary built in by the streamer. So it’s definitely worth checking it out.

By the way, Matthew has over 9000 hours in the current part of the GTA series.

Can you hold? And have you ever tried to play GTA as an ordinary citizen?

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