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Vivaldi 5.5 is available



Vivaldi 5.5 is available

The Vivaldi browser is now available in the new version 5.5. As an innovation, you can access a task panel in the sidebar of the program. It should also be easier to create accounts for Vivaldi’s built-in email and calendar services. Additionally, they want to have increased overall performance – especially for entries in the address field. The new version also offers support for Instant Layouts in Windows 11.

Vivaldi 5.5 is available for download for Windows, Linux, and macOS. In version 5.5 you will find the new “Tasks” field in the sidebar. With it, you can create and track to-do lists without leaving your browser. The minimum is a simple title for the assignments. You can also set other options such as a due date, recurrences, location, description (including any relevant URLs), and reminders. You can tick completed tasks and they will then disappear from the standard view. If you want, you can also view completed tasks.

If you are new to Vivaldi and want to enable the default task panel, select the “Fully loaded” option during the browser integration. If you already use Vivaldi, enable Mail, Calendar and Feedreader in the settings. With the task panel, you can view tasks directly in the calendar. Tasks with due dates appear in the appropriate place in the main calendar view. Open tasks, i.e. tasks without a fixed date, can be found in the agenda view.

With added Snap support, you can automatically resize one or more windows as you drag them to fill the screen. You can choose from six different layouts to customize up to 4 windows at once. You can also choose where the current application should take place in a layout.

Previously, popular services (e.g. Fastmail) required detailed information to set up email and calendar (CalDAV) accounts. Now server details are configured automatically in many cases. So all you have to do is enter the login details and Vivaldi Mail does the rest. You can use Vivaldi Mail with existing email and calendar services, create an account on, or add a trusted third-party service.

Vivaldi also promises better protection against fraudulent messages. In some cases where misleading emails seemed valid in the past, you will now receive clearer warnings.

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