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Bang & Olufsen upgrades several products for Matter



Bang & Olufsen upgrades several products for Matter

Felix recently blogged about the fact that version 1.0 of the new Matter smart home standard has been released. As a result, certifications can now also begin. It was only a matter of time before other manufacturers announced that their products would get support for Matter. Amazon and Samsung, for example, had already committed to Matter in advance. Now it’s the turn of Bang & Olufsen.

Flatpanels HD claims to have learned directly from the Danes that five of the manufacturer’s products will be upgraded for Matter. These are devices based on Mozart’s home platform. Also included are, for example, the Beosound Theater soundbar, which costs around 6,500 euros. But the Wi-Fi Level speaker and the luxury Emerge speaker are also among the chosen ones. Additionally, Beosound Balance and Beolab 28 Matter support will be received.

The manufacturer confirms that interoperability has always been important and therefore Matter’s support goes without saying. Thus, you will be able to remotely control the mentioned Beosound models with Matter via apps and smart home controllers, but conversely you will also be able to activate other linked Matter devices via their remotes.

However, for all of this to work, Bang & Olufsen needs to distribute firmware updates. Unfortunately, the period has not yet been reduced further.

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