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Discovery of a hitherto unknown function of the cerebellum – healing practice



Why We Remember Emotional Experiences Better

About cerebellum we know it’s our movements controls. However, a Swiss research team has just discovered a previously unknown function. Apparently, the cerebellum also plays an important role in memory emotional experiences.

researchers of University of Basel showed for the first time in a recent study that the cerebellum is significantly involved in the storage of emotions is involved. This function was previously completely unknown. The research results were recently published in the renowned journal “PNAS” present.

Emotional experiences are more memorable

experiences that strong emotions are connected, we remember them particularly well. This counts equally for positive and negative events. Ultimately, this phenomenon also contributes to human survivability, since the emotional memory helps to recognize and avoid dangerous situations.

Emotion processing in the amygdala?

Until now, scientists assumed that a region of the brain called tonsil mentioned, is primarily responsible for processing emotions.

Previous research has shown that feelings activate the amygdala. It is also known about the amygdala that the area of ​​the brain supports the storage of information in the brain. Therefore, it was assumed that this region of the brain storage of emotions regulated.

course of the study

The working group around professor doctor Dominique de Quervain and professor doctor André Papassotiropoulos from the University of Basel has painted a new picture of the storage of emotional experiences.

As part of a large-scale research project, 1,418 participants received images showing a neutral or emotional scene. During this time, the team documented the brain activity subjects using magnetic resonance imaging.

In a subsequent memory test, it turned out that the participants better remember emotional images could only at neutral images. Based on brain activity associated with memory, the researchers were able to understand that already known areas of the brain were activated.

Emotional memories are regulated by the cerebellum

But the team also discovered a high activity of the cerebellumwhich was hitherto unknown in this context.

Researchers were able to prove for the first time that when storing emotional images, Increased communication between the cerebellum and the brainbut not with neutral images.

According to the study, the cerebellum also sends signals to various other regions of the brain, such as the amygdala and the seahorse. This in turn plays an important role in storing information in the Memory.

“The present results suggest that the cerebellum is an integral part of a network responsible for the enhanced storage of emotional information”summary of Quervain.

Better understand certain psychiatric disorders

The findings could contribute to a better understanding and possibly new treatment approaches for certain mental health conditions that are triggered by strong emotional experiences, such as anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. (vb)

Author and source information

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Graduate editor (FH) Volker Blasek


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