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New PS5 app can finally do 4K and HDR



New PS5 app can finally do 4K and HDR

With the new Disney Plus app, you can also watch The Mandalorian on PS5 in 4K resolution and HDR.

Disney Plus subscribers who wanted to stream on the PS5 previously had to settle for the PS4 app. But now there is finally a proper PS5 app. So a native application that now also allows you to watch Disney+ content in 4K and HDR resolution. Always assuming, of course, that your TV or screen offers the technical requirements for this.

PS5: Native Disney Plus app brings 4K and HDR support

Disney Plus is one of Netflix’s competing streaming offerings. There’s now a huge catalog of content, plenty of exclusive in-house productions, and heaps of nature documentaries. Some subscribers also want to see this content on their PS5. For this they finally get the right app with all the trimmings.

Because it’s on the PS5 so far only PS4 app of Disney Plus, paying customers had to give up certain benefits. These include, for example, 4K resolution and the ability to watch movies or series in HDR. The new app makes this possible.

At least if you are using a TV or monitor that has both functions. Of course, you still won’t get a 4K image on a Full HD or 1080p monitor or TV. And HDR must also be supported, which not all 4K TVs have. The cables must also match.

If you still have the purchase of a suitable device If you think about it, this GamePro article might help:

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more on the subject

Best 4K Gaming TVs 2022 – Comparison for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series

With a PS4 Pro you still won’t be able to enjoy 4K content. Nothing changes on the older generation of consoles, as reported by The Verge. Competition in the form of Amazon, Netflix, or HBO Max overseas has long offered the ability to stream on the PS5 in 4K.

If you already have a suitable TV, you should consider streaming to it

Do you have a 4K TV?, which is also HDR capable, chances are the device will also offer its own app for Disney Plus. You could then also use them instead of launching them on your console as well. There is a very simple reason for this.

PS5 High Power Consumption: Anyone who can stream directly via app from their own Smart TV or corresponding streaming stick saves energy. The console requires additional power and not just a little. You can read the difference here:

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PS5 and Xbox Series X/S:

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Especially in times of crisis like this, where ancillary and electricity costs are skyrocketing, many are watching their consumption. That’s exactly what you can cut significantly if you don’t stream your content through the console, but directly through a dedicated device that’s designed for it and requires less power.

Are you excited about the Disney Plus PS5 app? Do you use streaming subscriptions on the console and if so, why?

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