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Spotify takes control of Kinzen



Spotify takes control of Kinzen

Swedish music streaming provider Spotify has confirmed the acquisition of Irish company Kinzen. The latter have specialized in the analysis of voice data, e.g. B. to recognize hate speech. This is achieved through a combination of machine learning and manual intervention. Kinzen is designed to help Spotify keep podcasts clean. They had been cooperating behind the scenes since 2020.

However, it’s unclear how quickly Spotify and Kinzen can react if critical content is found. According to Spotify itself, thanks to Kinzen, security on the platform can be improved and users can be more effectively prevented from encountering content that might upset them or feed them fake news. At the same time, according to the provider, the tools help to include the respective regional context.

Thus, Kinzen’s tools are suitable for the analysis of several languages. As mentioned at the beginning, Kinzen does not just let everything run automatically, but also employs human experts. It is this combination that is particularly popular on Spotify.

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