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Version 2022.10 with many Bluetooth improvements and more



Version 2022.10 with many Bluetooth improvements and more

The Home Assistant smart home platform receives new updates every month, and we report on innovations more often. It all works on almost any hardware, from the Docker container to the Raspberry Pi. Home Assistant has now announced the new features available for October.

The latest version introduced that ESP Home devices can act as a Bluetooth proxy. ESP32 devices can thus be used for connection without additional hardware to extend Bluetooth ranges. Previously this was limited to passive data transfer, but is now extended to active connections. From now on, you can actively initiate conversations between devices.

Additionally, iBeacons are now supported. The Home Assistant can locate these small Bluetooth devices and tell the approximate distance to a beacon. Can be very useful for automations.

The integration of devices from different brands is now even easier by directly seeing the different possibilities and categories that Google, for example, allows.

The so-called subviews are also new. These do not appear in the navigation and have a button to return to the original view. This allows you to create new concepts in the Home Assistant interface.

Here is an example of the kitchen:

In the new version, the dialogs have also been slightly revised and there is a new YAML automation editor.

Finally, Home Assistant data can now also be exported to Google Sheets. You can find more new features and the full changelog right in the Home Assistant blog.

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