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Amazon Drive: Retirement Reminder



Amazon Drive: Retirement Reminder

Amazon is currently reminding customers of the shutdown of Amazon Drive. As well as photos, you can also save files to Amazon – but not for long, as Google Drive’s counterpart will be discontinued at the end of 2023, but things are starting to pick up speed even before that.

At October 31, 2022 The Amazon Drive app will be removed from the iOS and Android app stores. For customers who have already installed the iOS and Android apps, the service will not change.

After that January 31, 2023 Amazon will no longer support uploading files to the Amazon Drive website.

At December 31, 2023 Amazon Drive support will be discontinued to focus more efforts on storing photos and videos using Amazon Photos. If you store files on Amazon Drive, you must go to the Amazon Drive website and download the files by December 31, 2023. For Amazon customers, photo and video files are automatically saved to Amazon Photos. As part of this process, Amazon will no longer support uploading files to the Amazon Drive website on January 31, 2023. There is an FAQ here.

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