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Amazon Scout: abandonment of the robot delivery project



Amazon Scout: abandonment of the robot delivery project

Amazon abandons its Scout project. In 2019, testing of these wheeled delivery robots began in the United States. Amazon is also considering further developments in Europe. But according to Bloomberg, Amazon dropped the whole deal as a result of current austerity measures. Like many other technology companies, Amazon is being affected by the negative consumer climate. A recession is expected in many countries, including Germany, in 2023. And when the potential for growth diminishes, you focus more on the essentials and less on experimentation.

Work on Scout was probably already frozen beforehand, so the complete shutdown of the project is no longer a big shock for those involved. Around 400 employees are said to have worked on the delivery robot. You will now be assigned to other teams. A very small portion of former Scout developers are expected to continue developing autonomous delivery robot concepts. But Scout himself is buried and wasn’t ready for the market.

According to an Amazon spokeswoman, some aspects of Scout were found during testing to fail to meet customer requirements. What exactly went wrong is not explained.

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